Work in progress…

As often, we’ve been too busy making improvements to PhotoDeck to update our social networks lately…

Currently we’re working on design improvements, and doing them right means digging deep and rewriting a lot of code.

Until this makes it to your own site (soon!), what can you notice in this screenshot? ;)


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Providing your customers with legal invoices

In Europe, it is required you provide your customers with invoices for their purchase, and these invoices must include specific information. In the UK, VAT invoices for VAT-registered businesses must for example show the VAT rate and amounts.

Enters the new PhotoDeck Invoicing module

In addition to the payment receipt that your customers already get after payment, you can now also deliver PDF invoices right from PhotoDeck — less paperwork!

The PDF invoices will automatically include the full order details, including Tax breakdown if you use PhotoDeck’s tax module. You can also customize the header and footer to include any additional information your local legislation might require.


The PDF invoices can be automatically emailed to a customer after an order has been delivered (delivery is what counts when it comes to invoicing). Alternatively, you can send invoices manually from each order’s page in your admin space via a simple button.

You will find the new module under My Business / Setup / Invoices Settings.

What will you do with the time this new feature will free up for you?

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New: limited use coupons and price display including taxes

Today’s e-commerce update brings often requested features

Limited use coupons

It is now possible to limit the number of times a coupon code can be used, so you don’t have to manually disable limited coupons anymore.


For example, you can create a new coupon that can be used a single time, perfect to make sure a customer doesn’t abuse the great offer you’ve made him!

Display prices including taxes

PhotoDeck includes a Tax module that lets you separate your prices from the taxes you collect on behalf of your government. Since tax depends on the location of the customer, it can accurately be computed at checkout only when the customer provides an address.

Nonetheless, in Europe consumers expect to see prices including VAT. With this new option, your website determines where your customer is located based on his/her IP address, and includes the tax in the price shown on the pricing page, before the item is even added to the cart.


This is a perfect solution especially if you’re VAT-registered and sell to consumers!

To enable this option, open your Tax Profile and head to the “Settings” tab:


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New feature: advanced EU cookies law compliance

PhotoDeck turned 5 today! What better way to celebrate than introducing a great new feature?

The EU Cookie law requires that websites get consent from their visitors before using cookies. If you’re based in the EU and use Google Analytics or embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into your site, this applies to you.

The law is not new, and it is still subject to much interpretation. But as it becomes more and more accepted, now is a good time for us to provide you with good mechanisms to comply with it.

Mechanisms, in plural form? Indeed, compliance is not a black-and-white affair but rather a compromise between strict abidance and user experience (i.e. business). So we’re offering you several options, from the common simple Information bar all the way to an advanced Opt-in approach.


This feature includes:

  • – A cookies consent bar displayed at the bottom of the page, with buttons either to close it or to accept / decline cookies, depending on what compliance option you choose ;
  • – An automatically generated Cookies Policy page that is smart enough to know, for example, whether you’re using Google Analytics, and that also adapts to your compliance option choice ;
  • – The ability to block Analytics and embedded content for visitors that decline cookies or have not accepted them, depending — again — on your compliance option choice.

And of course, you can fully customize the message on the consent bar and use your own Cookies policy!

We’re quite happy with this new feature: it only takes a click for you to use, it goes far beyond what websites normally do in terms in compliance, while giving you full control if you want it.

You will find the new settings under My Website / Setup / Cookies consent, and guidance is here. Remember to upgrade your design to the latest version!

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Social network integrations reviewed, part I

We’ve got a nice update for all PhotoDeck websites today!

Beautiful links to your social channels

You’ll find a new Social Networks panel in your admin space (under My Website). There, you can easily add links to your social network profiles (Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, Twitter, etc…)


We’ve reviewed all designs to integrate these links and display them as beautiful icons, perfectly integrated with your website color palette. You can customize them under the Design panel in many ways: size, shape (from round to square), palette (character-like or badge), even the white space around the icons is customizable! Here are just two examples:



The links will be displayed as a separate component in your design (all you have to do is let your design update itself), or optionally, integrated into your existing menu.

Social accounts integration improved

Power-users know that they can connect their PhotoDeck account to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to share more easily images and galleries from their admin space (and even automatically when new images are added). Connecting your social network accounts also makes it easier to add the links to your website.

We’ve reviewed that part too, and added LinkedIn. It is now also possible to connect to multiple accounts of the same social networks (handy if you have multiple Twitter accounts, for example)!


To easily share a gallery on your social networks, simply head over to MORE > Share Link when viewing a gallery in your admin space!

More to come!

We’re now going to work on making it easier for your visitors and customers to share your work: “social sharing” is currently handled via the AddThis widget, and our goal is to replace it with a better integrated solution, closer to the images themselves — just like the current Info, Full Screen, and Pricing buttons.

Happy summer!

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Lightroom plugin update

We’ve just published a new version of the Lightroom plugin. The most important improvement is that the plugin now uses secure HTTPS connections, so the communication between Lightroom and our servers is fully encrypted.

Here is how to update:

  1. Download the updated plugin. If the downloaded files wasn’t automatically unzipped, do it now. You should end up with a file named PhotoDeck.lrplugin.
  2. In Lightroom, open the Publishing manager (see the + button next to the Publish Services dialog in the left-hand-side column).
  3. From there, open the Plugin Manager, and select the PhotoDeck plugin.


  4. Click on “Show in Finder” (OSX), and replace the PhotoDeck.lrplugin file with the one you’ve just downloaded.
  5. Hit Reload plugin.
  6. Done! You should see the latest plugin version indicated (0.14).

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FOLIO, the new PhotoDeck plan!

FOLIO : a high-end portfolio site at an affordable cost

PhotoDeck keeps getting better and faster! Over the past few months, we brought our members, among other improvements:

– a fully revamped user interface, easier and faster to use, optimized for mobile;

– a new Publish plugin for Lightroom, free of charge;

– refreshed designs;

Today, we’re introducing a new subscription plan: FOLIO, designed to offer to the discerning photographer a top-tier portfolio website at a minimal cost.

At half the price of the most popular PRO plan, the FOLIO plan foregoes e-commerce and private galleries, but offers everything a photographer needs in a premium portfolio, including a highly customizable, super-fast and mobile-responsive presentation, as well as custom domain name support.

Details of this new plan can be found on our Plans & pricing page.

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New Lightroom plugin with Publish functionality!

We’re delighted to announce the availability of a new Lightroom-PhotoDeck plugin that is a significant step-up over the previous one.

The new PhotoDeck-Lightroom Publish plugin allows you to:

  1. Publish your images directly from Lightroom into galleries on your PhotoDeck site
  2. Create/delete/rename/move PhotoDeck galleries directly from Lightroom
  3. Update images metadata in Lightroom and re-publish to update them in PhotoDeck
  4. Redevelop photos in Lightroom and re-upload to PhotoDeck
  5. Synchronize your PhotoDeck site’s gallery structure in Lightroom (without existing images)
  6. Update your site’s gallery introductions and display styles directly from Lightroom


The plugin is free of charge, so go ahead and check out the download and installation guide! Even if feedback so far has been good, the plugin is still officially in BETA, so please do let us know if you encounter issues.

A note of thanks

First, to Tim Armes who created the first commercial Lightroom-PhotoDeck export plugin.

And a big Thank You to Will Thames who gave us a good kick in the pants by independently starting the development of the new plugin, and keeping it open source so everybody could take it further. That allowed us to take what he started and build on it. The plugin being open source, any developer with an interest can keep improving it!

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Michael Freeman uses PhotoDeck also to edit his new book

Michael Freeman is a well-known photographer and book author, whom we’ve been honoured to count as a member for several years. Michael just shared with us a very cool use he’s making of his PhotoDeck site.

His new book is being edited by an international team, within his website, using a smart (and protected) gallery hierarchy.


Michael writes:

As an editorial photographer, I spend a lot of my working time nowadays on books, and this will be my 136th. The subject is fine teas, and so is focused very much on East Asia, with most of the shooting in China, Taiwan and Japan. I’ve completed 7 weeks from October to November, and will return for 10 weeks shooting in Spring (to catch the harvest in many locations).

This is a big illustrated book of the kind I’m very familiar with – 288 pages with about 300 photographs, and picture-led, as we say in publishing. Large format also, will probably weigh 2.5 kilos. Logistics and organisation are key in a project like this, especially because the deadline for delivery of material is the end of May, to
ensure a publishing date at the end of this year. This means that editorial work continues at the same time as I’m shooting and the text is being written (there are 5 authors, including me).

The commissioning client is Barclays Bank Asia and to ensure smooth and professional production I’ve brought in Quarto, a large UK publishing group whom I know well. This means we have people scattered around who need a central place to see how the text and images are evolving, and my PhotoDeck site is ideal for this.

Images and text are constantly being added, changed, re-ordered. Being on my website also means that I can exercise some extra degree of control in managing the project. The galleries are all private, hidden, with password for downloads.

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IT’S HERE! Your PhotoDeck admin space, version 2

You’ve seen it coming if you follow our Twitter or Facebook feeds, and it’s finally here! The PhotoDeck member space got today a major overhaul.

What’s NOT changed

Everything works just like before, and beside a few minor exceptions, things are organized in the same way. This is a significant interface upgrade, but we’ve been careful to make sure current members still feel at home!

What’s changed

The submenus are now displayed as a column to the left-hand side


Under the same main sections as before (“Dashboard”, “My Images & Videos”, “My Website” and “My Business”), the different panels are now also grouped so they’re easier to find. The grouping is new, and some panels got a different (clearer) title, but if you’ve gotten used to the interface you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Optimized for Mobile


We’ve done a huge amount of work to make sure that everything on the site can be managed from a mobile phone, with an optimized and FAST interface. Uploading and/or managing images and galleries from your iPhone? Check. Viewing and delivering an order? Check. Adjusting something on your design (yes, even that!)? Check…

Better preview and smarter link to your live site


The design preview within your admin space is now improved to be fully navigable, and is now also used when editing pages!

In addition, the link to open your website (in the top-right corner) is now contextual, and will bring you directly to the gallery or the page you’re working on — no need to look for the “Visit gallery” button anymore.

Personal and billing preferences are now under the Dashboard


What used to be the “Me” section (as well as the Logout link) is now under the Dashboard, to unclutter the main menu. The Dashboard also got a bit smarter…

Tell us what you think

After many months of work (and over 1000 code files updated!), we’re both very pleased and excited, but at the same time interface upgrades are always something to be nervous about. Let us know what you like and what you don’t!

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