PhotoDeck for Commissioned Work


Over the past couple of weeks, we have introduced new features for PRO accounts that make PhotoDeck not only a great tool for stock, but also for Editorial and Commercial photographers.

Combining private galleries with e-commerce and/or free downloads also provides new opportunities to Portrait and Wedding photographers in the way they tune their offer.

This is only the beginning: you will see more enhancements over the next months to help assignment and portrait/wedding photographers.

Example 1: Corporate Assignment

Alex Photographer is commissioned to shoot the advertising campaign for a new product. After the shoot, he uploads the proof images to a password-protected gallery, and emails the link to the client and the AD. The team exchanges comments on images on selection and retouching, and the AD orders selected images.

When he receives the order, Alex Photographer proceeds to retouch the images with the comments in mind, and replaces the proofs by the final versions of the images. One more click, and the AD receives an email with a download link to the final high-resolution images.

Example 2: Portrait session

Corey shoots a family portrait session: as part of the deal, the family gets to download 5 high-resolution images included in the upfront fee, and can order separately high-quality prints for any image.

Corey uploads the images to a private gallery, and enables both "free download ordering" for the gallery, and a Print pricing profile for each image. The family orders the high resolution images, Corey then checks the order and releases the ordered files.

The family also orders prints, paying for them via Corey's website.

Example 3: Quick high-resolution download

Nick needs to get a few images to a client, fast: he puts the images in a password-protected gallery and enables "free direct download". The client goes to the gallery, clicks on the "High resolution download" button next to the images, and downloads each image directly to his computer without going through the cart.