Account-based access to galleries

Following-up on the new client database, here is another big few feature.

Until now, you could hide galleries, and set a password for them. Now, you can also specify exactly who should have access to the gallery, based on their email addresses.


You\'ll see this new dialog under the gallery settings.
Screenshot partially blurred to protect the innocent.

Here is how it works:

  • Start typing an email address (or a name) to add a new client to the access list. If the client is already in your database, it will auto-complete the address as you type (cool, heh?), so adding many clients is easy and fast.
  • You can also add new email addresses, for clients that don't have an account yet. The new email addresses will then be automatically added to your client database.
  • If the client has an account on your website, he will just need to log in to access the gallery.
  • if he doesn't have an account yet, he will need to open one with the same email address you entered, and will then gain immediate access to the gallery.
  • This new feature has lots of implications in how you work with clients. One of them is that as they are added to your client database, they will receive your newsletters (unless you unsubscribe them, of course), so it's great for long-term client management.

    One word of warning though: the signup/login makes it a bit more difficult for clients, who already have dozens of accounts to manage. So depending on the case, you might still use simple password protection or just hide the gallery.