Artist's Picks

Today's new feature is the capability for you to rate your own images:

  • for editing and sorting your collection
  • to indicate to your clients what are your own "selects" - that is useful when you upload a shoot for a client to proof, as it makes it easier for them to make their choice!

Artist rating backend Using star rating to edit a collection and indicate 'Artist picks'

Since yesterday, the ratings are automatically imported from the image metadata upon upload, so if you're already rating your images with LightRoom or other similar software that follows the same standard, the rating will carry over. In any case, a single click allows you to add/change/remove a rating, and naturally, you can also batch-edit ratings.

You can sort your collection by rating, and similarly you can re-order images in galleries by rating - now that's an easy way to put your best images first!

A 5-star rating means "Artist's pick" and PhotoDeck automatically adds a star on your website next to these images, so your clients know what images you recommend.

Artist rating front 600x417 5 stars = 'Artist's pick', note the star on the right-hand side of the image

Next, client ratings...