TIP: client downloading complete gallery at once

Barry asks: "Hi Guys, is there a way to download a complete gallery or collection in one swift move, some clients ask?"



Remember there are 2 ways to allow clients to download high-res images for free from your galleries (under the galleries Access tab):

Access settings

  1. "Allow free direct download for single images" puts a direct download button next to each image
  2. "Allow free image ordering via download cart" allows the client to add multiple images to the cart, checkout without payment, and receive a download link for a ZIP file with all images

When you enable option 2, an "Add all to Cart" button is displayed above the gallery: with a single click, all images in the gallery can be added to the download cart.

The client then needs to check out, but it is fast and easy since no payment is involved.

TIP #2: By default you need to manually validate all "free" orders. If you wish your clients to receive the download link immediately, enable the "Automatically deliver validated free orders" option under My Shop / Checkout flow:

Free orders validation