NEW: In-gallery search

With PhotoDeck, we strive to improve a photographer's client experience, for the benefit of everybody involved. This new improvement will contribute to that: now, searches on your website can be limited to the current gallery.

Ingallery search

This can be used in a number of ways, and this is especially useful in proofing cases.

For example, we have members that shoot sporting events for participants. Each event gets its own gallery, and each image is tagged with the participant Bib number. Now, a participant can visit the event's gallery and search for his Bib number, with the search being limited to that event.

For stock websites, it has always been possible to refine searches within multiple keywords. This adds a new way to refine searches, easier for some clients.

By default, the "Search within gallery" checkbox is OFF for public galleries, and ON for private (protected or hidden) galleries.