Gallery display styles

PhotoDeck excels as an archive and client proofing platform. Over time, we have also introduced styling options that make it possible to use PhotoDeck for highly effective portfolios (Jeremy Goldberg's website is a good example).

Still, many of our members would rather not maintain separate websites with different purposes.

So today, we are introducing a new feature that allows photographers to own a great-looking portfolio, a functional client proofing website, and an e-commerce platform -- all in one.

The new "display style" feature is extremely simple:

Display style Basic gallery settings

Naturally, members on a PRO or STUDIO plan can fully edit the styles to taste -- and even create new styles.

Gallery styles in action

Portfolio This gallery is displayed in a typical portfolio-style...

Proofing ... and this one is displayed in a functional client proofing style


Members have probably noticed that we introduced Presets to help you save time when creating new galleries. The Presets have now been updated to cover both Access and Style settings.

Gallery presets Available Presets when creating a new gallery

More to come, stay tuned...