Mobile photography websites

100% full-screen on compatible browsers (e.g. Android)

This is not a mobile app

Native mobile apps are nice. They are optimized for the very device they were built for.

But a mobile app is of little use to a photographer: you can’t expect prospective clients to find, download and install a mobile app just to see your work.

The goal: mobile websites that behave like native apps.

Mobile websites work on any device and don’t require your clients to install anything. They just open their browser or click on a link, and, voilà…

Problem: building a simple mobile site (like viewed on a mobile) is relatively easy. Designing a mobile site that behaves like a native app is complex – much more complex. Someone in the team lost some hair fighting mobile browsers idiosyncrasies ;)

Mobile Safari

But we’re stubborn.

Our mobile sites will work great in both portrait and landscape orientations.

They will maximize the available screen estate, hiding the URL bar and going 100% full screen when possible (eg. on Android devices).

They will play nice with retina displays. And they will be FAST!

Stay tuned for more…

Update: already a member? Get your mobile site now!

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