New Lightroom plugin with Publish functionality!

We’re delighted to announce the availability of a new Lightroom-PhotoDeck plugin that is a significant step-up over the previous one.

The new PhotoDeck-Lightroom Publish plugin allows you to:

  1. Publish your images directly from Lightroom into galleries on your PhotoDeck site
  2. Create/delete/rename/move PhotoDeck galleries directly from Lightroom
  3. Update images metadata in Lightroom and re-publish to update them in PhotoDeck
  4. Redevelop photos in Lightroom and re-upload to PhotoDeck
  5. Synchronize your PhotoDeck site’s gallery structure in Lightroom (without existing images)
  6. Update your site’s gallery introductions and display styles directly from Lightroom


The plugin is free of charge, so go ahead and check out the download and installation guide! Even if feedback so far has been good, the plugin is still officially in BETA, so please do let us know if you encounter issues.

A note of thanks

First, to Tim Armes who created the first commercial Lightroom-PhotoDeck export plugin.

And a big Thank You to Will Thames who gave us a good kick in the pants by independently starting the development of the new plugin, and keeping it open source so everybody could take it further. That allowed us to take what he started and build on it. The plugin being open source, any developer with an interest can keep improving it!

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