New feature: advanced EU cookies law compliance

PhotoDeck turned 5 today! What better way to celebrate than introducing a great new feature?

The EU Cookie law requires that websites get consent from their visitors before using cookies. If you're based in the EU and use Google Analytics or embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into your site, this applies to you.

The law is not new, and it is still subject to much interpretation. But as it becomes more and more accepted, now is a good time for us to provide you with good mechanisms to comply with it.

Mechanisms, in plural form? Indeed, compliance is not a black-and-white affair but rather a compromise between strict abidance and user experience (i.e. business). So we're offering you several options, from the common simple Information bar all the way to an advanced Opt-in approach.

Website cookies 600x391

This feature includes:

  • - A cookies consent bar displayed at the bottom of the page, with buttons either to close it or to accept / decline cookies, depending on what compliance option you choose ;
  • - An automatically generated Cookies Policy page that is smart enough to know, for example, whether you're using Google Analytics, and that also adapts to your compliance option choice ;
  • - The ability to block Analytics and embedded content for visitors that decline cookies or have not accepted them, depending -- again -- on your compliance option choice.

And of course, you can fully customize the message on the consent bar and use your own Cookies policy!

We're quite happy with this new feature: it only takes a click for you to use, it goes far beyond what websites normally do in terms in compliance, while giving you full control if you want it.

You will find the new settings under My Website / Setup / Cookies consent, and guidance is here. Remember to upgrade your design to the latest version!