Design upgrade!

Today, we're delighted to announce an important (and free) update to PhotoDeck websites!

The enhancements we're bringing you this time are about design. Seemingly small little things that, put together, have a significant impact on how people will perceive your website, and through it, you.

The list of what we've improved is long, it's all in the details:


A popular demand, allows your customers to zoom in part of the images on mobile devices up to the size shown on your desktop site. Yes, double-tap works too.

Breadcrumbs RIP - Welcome to modern integrated navigation

Now was the right time to redesign from stratch the navigation between images and between galleries. The galleries' and pages' titles now optionally include a subtle Back arrow, just like in your admin space.

Similarly, the navigation between images is now much better integrated with the image layout itself. A new option in the Gallery Display Styles allows you to display the navigation either above or below enlarged images:

Page meta

Image icons and buttons

In addition to the better layout: - updated, more modern icons - the "Info" and "Fullscreen" icons can now optionally be displayed as buttons outside the image instead of being overlaid on the image. Perfect if you want to keep your images clean of any visual interference (new option in the Gallery Display Styles) - the "Buy" buttons next to the images are now grouped under a single button (with a new "currency" icon), to make it clearer to your customers, and cleaner-looking. - for those who sell packages, the "Add to package" button is now only displayed when a package has been choosen, and the text on the button can be edited.

Better fullscreen view

Both on mobile (cleaner) and desktop (better usability). Fullscreen

New styles for thumbnails titles/icons and image metadata

Gallery titles and icons are now shown on thumbnails in a more modern style, over a customizable translucent background that matches the design's palette (new options in the Gallery Display Styles). The image metadata overlay got the same treatment.


Themes updates

All current themes have been updated to take advantage of these new capabilities, but in addition, we've also worked on some details to improve the designs themselves. For example, with designs #5 and #9 the logo automatically disappears when viewing enlarged images, to leave more room to your work.

Speed improvements

You know we're speed addicts, no proper update goes without making PhotoDeck websites ever so slightly faster, up to 15% on some pages!

What does that mean for me?

  1. To benefit from most of these improvements, simply follow the prompt in your admin space to upgrade your design. Upgrade If you've been with us for a long time and are still on an old design not listed in the interface, you won't see that prompt. Everything will keep working, but we suggest you take your site to a new level and move to a new design!

    If you haven't significantly customized your design nor your Gallery Display Styles, you can also do a full design reset by re-choosing your theme (My Website / Desktop & tablet theme / Change theme and My Website / Mobile theme / Change mobile theme). This way you'll get all the latest settings, but you will need to re-set your logo and redo any customization you've done to your design.

  2. Check your site in preview mode before applying the upgrade to the live site. You might want to adjust some things, like for example title font size.
  3. Optional but recommended: check out the new options in the Gallery Display Styles: Gallery styles thumbs Gallery styles enlarged

This is the fruit of several months of work and about 16.000 updated lines of code, we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we enjoying bringing it to you!