New: XL-sized gallery covers and thumbnails

We've introduced new LARGE sizes in our image walls displays, available for both gallery covers and individual image thumbnails.

Xl wall

A perfect use of this is on your frontpage, when you have split your site into 2-3 main galleries. Or more generally, when you have galleries with a couple of subgalleries only.

This will also be useful when you simply want to show all images in a gallery on the same page, and in a larger size than usual (a trend that is picking up!).

Maximum impact, minimum fuss

Not sure what size to pick? We've also introduced new "Autosize" options for the gallery covers and image thumbnails. Depending on how many galleries or images there are to show, the system will pick the best size taking into account look, usability and loading speed!


You'll find these options in the Gallery style settings.