TIP // Setting gallery covers

Gallery cover images are a great opportunity to give your visitors a preview of what to expect before entering a gallery. A great gallery cover can mean the difference between a visitor exploring more of your website or leaving. Your PhotoDeck site offers a great deal of flexibility for gallery covers that you may not know about.

In the My images & videos tab, navigate to a gallery and select the image you want to use as the cover. Then, in the right-hand-side panel, click on Set as cover image. Confirming the dialog will set the image as the cover, which is denoted with a small icon on the thumbnail.

Cover image

However, the cover image doesn't need to be in the same gallery. You can select any image on your website to be the cover for any gallery. In the aforementioned popup dialog, you'll see that you can enter any gallery name in the field. You can even set the image to be the cover for multiple galleries.

If you want to use unique cover images but not make visible in any public gallery, you can simply create a new gallery containing all your cover images and set it to "hidden" in the authorizations panel.

Setting a nice gallery cover is often overlooked, so take a look at your galleries and make sure they're set to your liking. A simple tweak such as this can lead to more clicks within your PhotoDeck website and entice your visitors to explore more.