Designs update: thin fonts

A current website design trend is to use thinner-than-normal fonts, and we've now made sure you can do that on PhotoDeck websites.


Matt Leete //

You will see today an invitation to upgrade your designs (desktop and mobile) to take advantage of these new options. Note that the desktop design upgrade will push a lighter font weight on your website's main content, and we invite you to adjust to your taste (under All theme styles / Overall site).

Font weight option

Everywhere where you can select a different font (e.g. logo, menu bar...), you can now also select a font weight! Just don't overdo it: mixing many different weights will look unprofessional and will slow down your site. Super-light fonts (weight of 100) might also not display well on non-retina displays.

Although most do, not all fonts come with lighter versions. Remember you can also use TypeKit fonts if you have a TypeKit account!

Updated forms styles

We've also updated the styling on forms (e.g. contact, address forms). You'll see the changes as soon as you edit your design, even if you don't upgrade it.


Hope you'll enjoy these improvements! As always let us know what you think.