TIP // Moving a Gallery

Sometimes you want to change or clean up your gallery structure. Other times, you may have just created a gallery, uploaded images to it, only to realize that you accidentally created it in the wrong place. Rather than delete everything and start over, you can simply move a gallery to the desired location.

First, navigate to the gallery you want to move. Then, open the Name and main settings panel via the MORE menu. Alternatively, you can click on the small pencil icon next to the name of the gallery. From this screen, you can re-assign your gallery to a different part of your website using the This gallery goes under dialog.


If you need to move many galleries at once, another great way to do this is by using the PhotoDeck Lightroom plugin. Once you’ve set it up and imported your gallery structure, you can simply drag and drop galleries to where you want them. Your PhotoDeck admin panel will update accordingly and make the changes.

Moving a gallery also changes its URL, so be careful about moving it since both SEO and inbound links may be affected.

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