New design options: custom slideshows and page backgrounds

Website slideshows static splash

You probably know that you can display any gallery in slideshow mode, that's what the Portfolio gallery style does by default. A little-less known PhotoDeck feature is the ability to add a custom slideshow to a custom content page or a gallery overview.

We've just completely revamped and expanded that feature.

Website slideshows gallery banner

Here is what's now possible:

  • display a slideshow as the background of a page
  • display a slideshow as a banner which size depends on the viewer display size
  • overlay text on slideshow
  • show text that changes with the images
  • add images to the slideshow more easily than before

Website slideshows metadata splash

This allows for eye-catching full-bleed frontpage slideshows (see live example), elegant banners above content pages or gallery indexes, a custom background image on your contact page... the possibilities are limitless.

Learn how to make the most of it and share on our Facebook` a screenshot what you've done with it!