4 MPixel images displayed right on your website

We have added the "WQXGA" size to the sizes available for the display of enlarged images on your website. This is a LARGE size (max 2560 x 1600 pixels), resulting in images of about 4 million pixels displayed directly on your website!

The quality is naturally perceptibly better than the former highest size (UXGA 1600x1200), at least on very large displays.


Example: Legend Drivers

A note of caution !

You know how we at PhotoDeck obsess about website speed. Images this large are on average twice as slow to load at UXGA images. It is not a problem when you frequently visit your own website, as images are cached in your own browser. But for a new client on an average home Internet connection, it can be noticable (and clients are often more sensitive to loading time than to the image definition).

Of course, this also means that those additional pixels are available to image thieves too.

In summary

For normal use, UXGA is probably the best compromise when quality is important. But if you accept the drawbacks stemming from displaying higher definition images, and more importantly, if your customers tend to view your images critically on a large display and behind a fast Internet connection, it can certainly make sense!

The image size can be changed via the gallery styles settings.