Say hello to the new design editor!

We’re thrilled to launch today a major update of the design customization tool, which will make it significantly easier for members to customize their website. The themes have also been updated to allow for effortless color palette customization.

Design editor update

You’ll now see a new Customize panel that replaces the old Theme styles and Theme settings pages, where everything is now nicely grouped.

Once you’ve updated your design, clicking on the “filter” icon for a component in your design (for example the social icons) will bring up all relevant design options — no more no less.

We believe this will make finding the right customization options and adjusting them much more intuitive! In addition, it is now possible to simply revert theme style options to their default, and therefore to see what you have customized.

Themes update allows effortless color palette changes

All desktop and mobile designs have been updated to bring another major customization improvement: adjust background, text and accent colors and the design can automatically adapt all its other colors, for a professional-looking yet unique matching palette! Of course, you can still customize individual colors if you wish.

Updating my design – Q&A

Q: Will anything change on my website if I update?
A: You might notice minor changes, but your customization will mostly stay intact even if you used Custom CSS code (changes to the actual theme’s HTML/CSS code will be discarded though). In doubt, take a backup first (under Advanced and don’t hit the Apply to live website button until you’ve checked your website in preview mode.

In any case, we do recommend you update your designs to benefit from future updates too!

Q: I want to take advantage of the new easy color palette customization, what do I need to do?
A: After you have updated your design, go through all the design components, and deactivate all color customization. The design will then compute the individual colors based on the 3 main global colors.

Customized individual colors (left) vs colors automatically computed from main colors (right)

Alternatively, you can fully reset your design (via the Change design panel), but in this case all design customization (logo, fonts, …) will be lost.


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