Custom mobile frontpages!

Up until now, the frontpage on PhotoDeck mobile websites could only be a gallery index. One reason was that very often, members wouldn't take mobile into account when designing their custom frontpage, and it wouldn't look good on small displays. Images are automatically resized on mobiles, but the main problem is the use of tables: there is no "magic formula" to make large tables mobile-friendly.

But things change and with time more and more members recognize the importance of the mobile version of their website, and remember to verify that it looks good. Additionnally, our recent introduction of pages with full-screen background slideshows, generally without much text on it, is 100% compatible with mobiles -- and such splash pages are becoming more common on mobiles too.

Mobile frontpage

So we're very happy to announce today that members can now have a custom frontpage on mobiles too (the new option is under My Website / Frontpage).

For maximum flexibility, especially for members who have large tables on their custom frontpage, a different frontpage can be created for mobiles.