Your custom pages just got promoted

New editor for free content to provide ultimate flexibility

This is set to be our most significant upgrade this year.

PhotoDeck is optimized for photography and video websites: galleries are central to our designs. That's what allows PhotoDeck sites to feature hundreds of thousands of images without a sweat.

Today, we're also making custom pages first-class citizens, matching or exceeding popular generalist website builders' capabilities.

So our members get the best of both worlds, in a single place, and at no extra cost: optimized viewing experience and scalability for large image collections, AND great page design flexibility.

Grid editor demo

  • A frontpage with images and texts, spread on multiple columns that automatically adapt to mobile phones? No problem.
  • A call-to-action button on a header banner, in a fullpage slideshow or within a page? No problem.
  • Integrating a Google map next to a contact form? No problem.
  • Easily adding happy customers' quotes that look great out of the box? No problem.

Even better, this is not just for custom pages: the new content editor is available for gallery introductions too, and progressively, for all places where you've been able to add formatted text.

As for multilingual sites, it couldn't be easier: create / adjust a page in one language, switch to another other language, and the layout updates carry automatically -- all you have to do is translate the text.

'nough talk. Here's a little peak into your new editor:

To get the new editor, simply accept the prompt in your admin space to upgrade your theme engine. The new editor will then be available for new pages, or when the content is simple enough to be converted to the new editor format.