Search redesign

Banner with search Example: bib number search on a sport events photography website

Easily add search boxes from the content editor!

We've added a Search element to the new content editor. This allows you to add search boxes on your website everywhere you can enter your own formatted content: on custom pages, gallery introductions, and banner / background slideshows.

We've also created presets for a dedicated search page (when creating a new page) as well as for a banner slideshows with a search box (when creating a new slideshow for a page or a gallery), so adding those to your website could hardly be easier!

The suggestion hint in the search box can be customized directly from the editor. The button is now just a modern search icon, of the same style as the other buttons on your website.

Search result page

Goodbye Advanced search, Hello search filters!

The search field in your design used to include a customizable advanced search drop-down with additional options. We've now removed it, and instead, your visitors can filter the search results directly on the search result page, which we feel is an improvement both in design and in ergonomics.

The search results also make it clearer when the results only include the current gallery (as is typically the case for protected galleries) and allows more easily to search throughout the whole site instead.

What filtering options you make available on the search result page can be adjusted under My Website / Setup / Advanced settings / Website search.

To benefit from this update, your desktop and mobile themes engines need updating, for example by accepting the prompt in your admin space.

Bonus tip: helping your customers find their (public) images

PhotoDeck allows you to group by default search results by gallery. It's a great feature when images to be found are meant to be in a single gallery, like for public events.

For example, sport event photographers can simply invite customers to enter their own bib number in the frontpage search (provided of course the bib numbers are in the images metadata). In case the same bib number matches different races, the customer only has to select the correct gallery / race to find his/her images. No need for a visitor to browse the galleries to look for the correct event!

Note: images in hidden / protected galleries are, by default, only searchable from that gallery to ensure privacy, so the above isn't useful for private galleries (in those cases customers access their galleries either via the password/link provided to them, or by login in, depending on how the gallery is configured). It is possible to force the inclusion of the images in the "public" search on your website (via the gallery's authorization panel) if you wish your customers to be able to search for their images from anywhere on your website -- just understand that anybody can then view the images from the search results.