New products via One Vision Imaging

Catalog integration refresh allows members to sell many new products

Onevision products Great news for members using our integration with One Vision Imaging (UK) to sell prints, a wider catalog is now available!

Both new options for existing products as well as new products have been added. Note that there also has been a few cases of reshuffling from a product to another for clarity, and a few discontinued options have been removed. One Vision prices shown in the product tables have been updated too.

Additions and changes to existing products

  • Photographic prints:

    • more sizes
    • new support: Print With White Border
    • the "Print in a Luxury Slip-in Mount" support has been moved to the new "Finished Prints" product.
  • Canvas Wraps:

    • new supports: Canvas Wrap Rounds, Chunky Canvas Wraps, Inkjet Canvas Wraps
    • 2" Canvas Wraps: now clearly states both finished product and print sizes.
    • Prices need re-setting !!!
  • Acrylic 'Ice' Range:

    • new: Black Ice and Quartz Lite supports
    • Existing Quantum and Quartz supports need their new Glossy and Metallic options have their price defined (e.g. to 0)
    • Bevelled Ice Sandwich smallest sizes (up to 12x10") have been removed
    • Quantum now only comes in square sizes
  • Beveled Edge Blocks product is now merged into Coloured Edge Blocks.

  • Coloured Edge Blocks:

    • new: framed supports: Black Framed Coloured Edged Block, Brown Framed Coloured Edged Block, Light Wood Framed Coloured Edged Block.
    • Edge colours can be one of White, Black, Mohagany (Silver and Gold edge colours are discontinued).
    • 40x30" size is discontinued
  • Metallica Framed Prints:

    • new 24x16" size.
    • new frames: Black and White. Gold Frame is discontinued.
  • Box Frame:

    • new "Acrylic Box Frame" support, available in Black, White or Ivory

New products

  • Finished prints: Print in Folder (ex Print in a Luxury Slip-in Mount), Prints in Black Strut Mounts, Prints in Ivory Strut Mounts.

  • Framed Canvas Wraps: Framed 2" Canvas Wraps (Black and Gloss White frames) and Framed Canvas Wrap Rounds (Black, Brown, Light Wood frames)

  • Aluminium Prints

  • Dibond Prints

  • Shadow box

  • Illusion Range

  • Trinity Range

  • Signature Boards

  • Personalised Photo Gifts: Glass tableware, Photo Jigsaw Puzzle, Photographic Mouse Mat

What do I need to do?

The changes are automatically applied to existing pricing profiles, and new options are immediately available for you to add. This might be a good opportunity to recheck your prices!

If you sell Canvas Wraps, you need to reset your prices. We're sorry we couldn't migrate them properly while adding the new supports.

If you sell the Acrylic Ice range, you need to add prices to the new Glossy / Metallic options (setting them to 0 is a good choice).

For a fresh start for a given product, you might also want to remove it from your pricing profile and re-add it. In this case, you will also get updated default descriptions and images.