We've updated our pricing plans

New PhotoDeck subscriptions offer more simplicity and more value

In case you're wondering why we've been kind of quiet on the announcement front lately, it's because we've been doing some serious under-the-hood work over the past months on two separate projects. The first one is purely technical and we'll get back to it soon.

The second project consisted of taking a deep look at how our members use PhotoDeck, on the one hand, and on how our offers are structured, on the other hand. The result is a new set of plans, simpler and more in line with what our members expect.

Plans New PhotoDeck plans

For current members, let's first get this out of the way: if you're happy with your current plan, no stress, we'll keep supporting it and we're not forcing any change to anyone!

Beside simplifying the plans, we've taken special care of the needs of:

1- high-volume members who feel restricted in the PRO plan ;

2- low-volume members who only occasionally handle private images or deliver files digitally, and can't afford the PRO plan.

Still zero commission on our members' sales

This hasn't changed: unlike most competitors, we're still not taking a single cent of commission on our members' sales. This can mean dozens, hundreds or, for some members, thousands of Euro / Dollars / Pounds saved every month with PhotoDeck!


"For individual pros and serious image makers"

The new STANDARD plan is based on the PRO plan, at about the same price (US$ 25 / € 21 / £ 19 per month when purchased annually), with the following differences:

  • no more limits on the number of video clips. We can hear some people dancing their pants off. That's right: upload as many videos as your storage allows. We've been supporting native video since 2011, so it was time ;

  • storage allowance bumped from 60 to 100 GB. Yup, 40 GB more at about the same price ;

  • For simplicity, the only option available is multi-language. Storage isn't extensible (see the BUSINESS offer), and the White Label option isn't offered anymore (all designs now include the ability to remove the PhotoDeck credit for free and we're planning to remove the remaining mentions over time for free too).

New plan: BUSINESS

"For high-volume pros and businesses of all sizes"

We're proud to have a quite a few high-volume websites enjoying PhotoDeck's speed and reliability: event photographers, larger image banks, collectives, startups... The BUSINESS offer is designed for those members.

It includes 300 GB storage for a modest price increase over the STANDARD plan (the BUSINESS plan only costs US$ 45 / € 38 / £ 34 per month when purchased annually).

The storage can be extended, and we're still talking about premium Cloud storage and an international Content Delivery Network with a leading provider, not a cheap bunch of hard disks on our servers...

So members feeling too tight in the old PRO plan will find this upgrade right up their alley.


"For superfast portfolios and occasional image delivery"

The new ESSENTIAL plan is the STANDARD plan's little brother, for those with limited needs or who just can't afford the STANDARD plan:

  • same templates and extensive design customization capabilities

  • same proofing features (protected galleries and digital delivery) but no eCommerce

  • 10 GB storage

Best of all, the ESSENTIAL plan has roughly the same price as the old FOLIO plan (US$ 12 / € 10 / £ 9 per month when purchased annually), so for members on the FOLIO plan who have been missing private galleries, this should be a no-brainer.

What happened to the STUDIO and the FOLIO plans?

We were the first pro photography website provider to offer native video, 8 years ago -- how time flies. At that point, and given the extra cost we incur from video processing, it made sense to have an offer dedicated to photographers who actively shot video. That was the STUDIO plan's main raison-d'être.

Nowadays video is a given in much of the professional photography world: since video is now fully included in the STANDARD plan, the STUDIO plan isn't needed anymore.

As to the FOLIO plan, it was meant for simple online portfolios, without professional features. But we wanted our cheaper option to better reflect what PhotoDeck is, including to members who only occasionally need private galleries and digital delivery. Hence its removal to make space for the new, more useful ESSENTIAL plan.

I'm a member already, what do I need to do?

If you're happy with what you have, you don't need to do anything, we'll keep supporting your current subscriptions and without price change.

But if you want to move to one of these new plans, you can do so at any time via your account dashboard. What remains of your current subscription will be automatically credited towards the new one. Carefully check for any warning in your cart before validating the plan conversion!

Note: if you have storage addons, make sure when switching plan that the new storage allowance is enough. If you have over 100 GB worth of medias, the only new plan you should consider is the BUSINESS plan.