SEO, custom Title and Meta Description tags

Seo meta PhotoDeck websites are designed for Google: extreme speed, ease of use, and consistent use of the few "tags" that matter in the pages' code.

To complement this and offer better control to our members on how search engines and social networks present their site, for example on search result pages, we have now introduced new options.

In addition to the automated generation and optimization of the Title and Meta Description tags, which can itself still be controled via global SEO settings, it is now also possible for experts to individually customize these tags for thumbnail pages, frontpage and custom pages.

These new options can be found as part of each gallery and custom page settings. Enjoy!

Note : these tags can have an impact on the presentation of a website, but have very limited (none for the description) effect on Google ranking. Keep them short and don't turn these into keyword lists! The most important thing for SEO remains the actual popularity of a website, measured for instance as links from other websites or as time spent by visitors on the site.

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