Design and Layout export as a WordPress theme

This is a cool new experimental feature: you can now export your very own PhotoDeck website design as a WordPress theme. This way, your WordPress blog integrates seamlessly into your website.

Check this out:

Maion photodeck The website Maion blog1 The blog

The nice thing is that it is based on a full-fledged WordPress theme, so you can customize it with all sorts of widgets. It requires WordPress 3.0 (with the new default Twenty-Ten theme installed).

  1. Create your very own design with PhotoDeck visual editor
  2. Export design as WordPress theme
  3. Upload theme to WordPress
  4. DONE! You now have perfectly integrated WordPress and PhotoDeck websites

This is an experimental feature (you will find it in your admin panel under "My Website / Design and Layout") - try it out and let us know what you think!