Customize your emails!

A new opportunity to strengthen your brand with PhotoDeck

Email customization en Using a PhotoDeck website helps you serve clients professionally, under your own brand. Now, you can also customize the automated emails sent by your website to your clients, to further strengthen your brand and your professional image.

To allow that, we've developped a new and very comprehensive tool to customize both the appearance (style) and the non-critical content of the emails. Not only can you customize your global email template, but the content for individual email types (e.g. payment receipts) can also be adjusted.

Here are a few examples of what is now possible:

  • Align the colors used in the emails with your website's
  • Add your logo in the header or footer for all emails at once
  • Change how you great clients to align with your own tone
  • Add delivery information on payment receipts
  • And much more!

You will find this new customization module under My website / Setup / Emails