Mark your images as licensable on Google

PhotoDeck turns ten today: as we initially mainly focused on stock photography, what better way to celebrate than bringing our members a little new feature to help license images?

A few days ago, Google's initiative to indicate licensable images in their images search results went out of Beta.

To benefit most from this "Licensable" badge, the best is to make sure the new images you upload and distribute have the proper metadata embedded. This way, when they are distributed and indexed by Google on another website, they can still be linked to your PhotoDeck website for licensing.

For images already on your PhotoDeck website, and to allow linking images directly to their own pricing page, we've added a new feature that lets you tell Google that your images are indeed licensable, without modifying the metadata embedded into your images.

License metadata

So here you go, a simple switch to turn on (under My Website / Setup / SEO), and when Google crawls your website again, they'll list your images as being licensable -- by default with a link to the purchase page to make it easy for potential buyers!