New - image cropping for print sales!

New feature lets you offer more options to your customers

Print cropping Until now, you had two options when selling prints which aspect ratio differ from the image being purchased:

  • Use an integrated partner lab, and only offer prints that match the selected image's aspect ratio. For example for a 3:2 image, 1:1 square prints were not offered ;
  • Create your own pricing profile and options, and in this case all sizes were offered regardless of the image's aspect ratio.

Today, we're introducing a new feature that gives you alternatives:

  • When using an integrated lab, you can allow any print size to be purchased for any image aspect ratio, and the cropping will be well visible on your site so customers know what to expect. For WHCC and OVI, there is even an option for the customer to adjust the cropping to their liking!
  • When creating your own pricing profiles and fulfilling yourself (or via a local pro lab), you can now also chose whether to 1) only offer sizes that match the image ratio, 2) show the customer how the image will be cropped or 3) let them adjust the cropping! This new feature is especially useful if you sell images in different ratios but only want matching print sizes to be offered.

You'll find that new option under the Settings tab for each pricing profile. Head over to the help article for more details!

This update also includes a full revamp of the Help Center to help you find answers more easily!