Improvements for your clients

We've just rolled out the first of many upgrades for 2021, and this one is about making your clients feel even more at home on your website.

Mobile image with buttons Can you spot all the changes?

Lightbox, selection or favorites?

PhotoDeck is not just about making your clients' life easy, it is also about providing you flexibility and the ability to tailor your website to your business and the type of clients you work with.

Your website includes a powerful proofing tool to help your clients select images and videos: the lightbox. "Lightbox" is a very clear concept for many clients, especially professional ones, but it's fair to say that non-professional consumers probably aren't that familiar with the name, and that is not optimal if you mostly shoot weddings, for example.

So we've added a setting to change the terminology used throughout your website. Do nothing, and it will still be called "lightbox". But you can also make it more generic ("selection", which is the new default), or more human ("favorites"). It's now up to you, and to who your clients are!

You'll find the new setting under My website / Setup / Visibility and features. You should also update the free text on the menu link (leave it empty and the system will automatically use the correct term).

More functional full-screen and mobile image view

Like most of what we do, this change is based on our members' feedback, and is in line with our "usability first" tenet:

We've modified the image/video fullscreen view, which is especially important on mobile, so that more actions are directly visible on that screen, without additional click, and with text for clarity.

Most notably, it makes the "Buy" button more prominent.

For this change to appear on your website already now, simply accept the prompt to update the rendering engine for both your desktop and mobile designs! To make the buttons more visible still when overlaid on images (see landscape image on smartphone held in landscape orientation), you can adjust their opacity via your theme settings.