Major design update

For yet more harmonious and modern-looking websites

We're very excited to finally launch the design update we've been working on since last summer! It focuses on perfecting the polish and overall clean and modern look of PhotoDeck websites (those small details that can make a large difference), and realigning with some current trends.

Shortcut: How to benefit from this upgrade

Here are the main improvements available today as a free upgrade to all members:

Typography improvements

We've improved the consistency of the typography for headings and sub-headings across the top of pages, sub-gallery titles, custom text, etc... The updated themes make it easy to select a font and a color for all headings at once, and get more readable and visually pleasing pages.

Titles Similarly, we've introduced a standardized size progression for the fonts used across your website, based on the Golden Ratio. When you change the main font size, all others will scale in a way that maintain those pleasing proportions.

We've also worked on the spacing between lines of text, also resulting in a cleaner, more modern look. The updated themes allow for fine-tuning of this spacing.

Vertical rhythm

The same line spacing used in typography now also serves as a basis for the spacing between paragraphs and elements on a page.

Vertical rythm The objective is to create a vertical pattern that follows as regular a rhythm as possible, making it possible for the viewer's brain to more easily process and understand a page, again resulting in a more harmonious effect.

Hamburger navigation

All themes (except #7, with its already-collapsible menu) now feature a new layout for tablets, one that relies on the "Hamburger navigation" (named after the Menu icon) normally found on smartphones.

Designers sometimes use a Hamburger navigation layout even on desktop designs for a super-minimalist look. If that's up your alley, PhotoDeck themes now also let you apply that Hamburger navigation on all devices.


Buttons styling

Due to popular request, the size of buttons can now easily be changed in the themes' settings. But we've gone the extra mile and added more options that allow for completely new styles.


And much more...

It wouldn't make sense to list all what we've worked on, but you might also notice improvements for example in thumbnail mouse-over effects, icons' colors, automatically computed text colors, styling of form fields...

How to benefit from this upgrade

Part of these improvements will automatically appear next time you change a setting that affects all pages on your website, even if you don't update your theme to its new version. From line spacing changes down to the rendering of some icons, many small improvements will automatically make their way to your website.

But this upgrade will only take its full sense for members who update their themes, both mobile and desktop, to their latest version.

The first reason is that updating your themes will bring you access to customization settings related to the changes, either to benefit fully from them, or, you know, if there's something you don't like.

The second reason is that all layouts / themes have been pretty much rewritten from scratch. We've kept the main layout concept for each of them, so you probably won't notice dramatic changes, but again, many little things have been polished, modernized, squared-up... or in a few cases, fixed.

So, take a backup of your designs just in case, upgrade now, and let us know what you think!

A final note

We're not quite done yet. We still have a few little design-related things up our sleeves that didn't fit into this update (subtle animations anyone?), so do send us your feedback and stay tuned for more!

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