Integration with the new Google Analytics 4

Google analytics

Google have launched a new version of Google Analytics, called "Google Analytics 4", which over time will replace their current "Universal Analytics" product.

It is a significantly different product, that focuses on tracking people accross devices instead of simple "visits", and on their behaviour. It relies on machine learning both to provide insights and to fill the gaps in user behaviour data when missing.

The information it provides is also quite different from the Universal Analytics tool. For example the Bounce Rate, which used to be considered as very important, has been removed and replaced by a new "Engagement" metrics.

We've now added the capability to connect PhotoDeck websites to GA4, along with the legacy Universal Analytics tracking (yes, you can keep both). All you need to do is provide your new Google Analytics 4 "property" code and we take care of the rest!

Ga4 code en

This feature can be found in the PhotoDeck admin space under My Website / Setup / Analytics & site verification.