Gettings files to your customers, faster

We've just made it easier for your customers to download files from your website!

In-place download option

When delivering files ordered by a customer, an email is sent as soon as the file(s) is/are packaged. For small orders, it can be very fast, so we now also give the customer the option to simply wait on your site for the delivery button to appear, instead of waiting for an email.

Play this video to see it in action:

To benefit from this new feature, you'll need to accept the website engine upgrade prompt in your admin space!

Easier delivery of large orders

The file delivery email includes download links.


  • a download link was included for every single image in the order.
  • a zip archive for all files was included when the total order size was less than 3.8 GB.


  • no more individual image download link: for some customers images would open in their browser or email software, depending on their computer configuration, without prompting for a location to save the files. Now that even iPhones can handle zip files, individual links are not needed anymore.
  • one or more zip archive download links, in all cases.

Zip delivery en

Larger orders, more easily

For large orders, the zip archive is now automatically split into several files. We've therefore been able to remove the 3.8 GB limit on total download size.

Similarly, the limit for the free Download All option in galleries has now been raised from 500 to 1000 files.

NEW!!! Quickly sending files to a customer

The best way to send files to someone is usually to create a protected gallery with download enabled. This way, the customer can see the images on your website, come back later on to the gallery, and for example comment on them or add a selection to his lightbox if you've enabled those features. Seeing a gallery in his own name makes the customer feel special and shows you care.

This interaction on your website is good for your own branding.

But sometimes the customer just needs some images, and fast. Perhaps it's just a single image or a couple of them. Perhaps the customer has lost the files or forgotten to download them, and you already deleted the initial order. Perhaps the order was misconfigured and downloads were not delivered.

For these cases we've built a brand new feature: select files in your admin space, hit the Send button, and email your customer a link to download the files, directly and without going through a gallery.

Send file en You can also send full galleries and lightboxes in this way. And as a bonus, you can also have the images/videos resized before sending!

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