AI keywording and captioning

AI keywording and captioning

Metadata: let AI do the heavy lifting for you!

Metadata is crucial for ensuring your images are easily found by search engines, image buyers, and potential clients. But the task of manually tagging each and every file can be daunting and time-consuming.

A few months ago, we announced the Beta release of our new feature that seamlessly integrates Artificial Intelligence engines into your photography workflow. Now, microjobs are included in our STANDARD, BUSINESS and TEAM plans so members can easily dip their toes in the new world of AI-generated metadata!

Ai metadata en With this new feature, you can select images and have PhotoDeck submit them to Amazon Rekognition and/or Microsoft Azure Computer Vision. Both are powerful AI tools that use machine learning algorithms to analyze the content of images and automatically generate tags and metadata based on what they "see".

The AI engines will recognize objects, scenes, people, and even text within the photos - and the images keywords will be updated accordingly in PhotoDeck. Microsoft’s engine is also capable of generating strikingly relevant captions.

The metadata is generated in the English language, but can also be automatically translated to other website languages.

Who is this for?

This will prove especially valuable for:

  • Stock photographers and stock agencies with large amounts of images to caption and keyword ;
  • Sport event photographers/agencies who tag images with bib numbers for participants to easily find and purchase their photos ;
  • Anyone interested in accessibility issues: captioning images is essential to make a website accessible to the visually impaired.

How flexible is this feature?

PhotoDeck is about helping you save time, while adapting to your specific needs and focusing on usefulness rather than marketing buzzwords. This philosophy is also at the core of this feature.

Not only are we fully transparent about what AI engines are used behind the scenes, we let you choose what to use. And not only do we let you choose, we also expose settings to fine-tune the metadata generation.

Medias ai metadata profiles en We understand that you have unique needs when it comes to metadata, and that different engines can produce very different results. That’s why we’ve introduced customizable profiles within our AI integration. You can create multiple profiles, tailoring the analysis options to suit specific genres or project requirements, whether you want to focus on detecting generic keywords or extracting specific text from images.

See how it works and make sure to experiment with the two AI engines and their settings to find what works best for you!

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