Lightroom-PhotoDeck Plugin

It allows you to:

  • Publish your images directly from Lightroom into galleries on your PhotoDeck site
  • Create/delete/rename/move PhotoDeck galleries directly from Lightroom
  • Update images metadata in Lightroom and re-publish to update them in PhotoDeck
  • Redevelop photos in Lightroom and re-upload to PhotoDeck
  • Synchronize your PhotoDeck site’s gallery structure in Lightroom (without existing images)
  • Update your site’s gallery introductions and display styles directly from Lightroom

Download plugin Installation and usage guide


  • 0.17.9 (current version)
    Minor improvements.
  • 0.17.8
    Fixed a bug in the Export feature.
  • 0.17.7
    Bug fix when publishing multiple galleries concurrently containing common images + workaround for issue in latest Lr version.
  • 0.17.5
    Allows selecting the media library to upload to, when the PhotoDeck account has several libraries.
  • 0.17.4
    Fixed login issues for some Mac users.
  • 0.17.3
    Speed optimizations when uploading lots of small files.
  • 0.17.1
    Optimizations for websites with very large number of galleries.
  • 0.17.0
    Support for 2-factor authentication.
  • 0.16.6
    Writes back to LR metadata the filename used in PhotoDeck, making it easier to find files in LR based on filenames from PhotoDeck, especially when working with multiple versions and virtual copies.
  • 0.16.3
    Allows reordering published photos directly from Lightroom (thanks to PhotoDeck member Kim Aldis).
  • 0.16.2
    Updated to use latest API. Also fixes a case where just-republished images would jump back again to "Modified Photos to Re-Published" when automated location tagging is enabled.
  • 0.15.1
    Use IPTC headline as photo title, fallback to title when blank
  • 0.15.0
    Update photo ratings from Lightroom
    Use IPTC headline as photo title when title is blank
  • 0.14.1
    Fix image duplication on PhotoDeck when publishing a photo deleted directly from PhotoDeck to another gallery and then republishing the photo from a previous gallery
  • 0.14.0
    Use encryption
    Optimize unpublish of many photos
  • 0.12.0
    Add a button in gallery/folder settings to open PhotoDeck admin space
    Fix connection error with some Lightroom installations
  • 0.11.5
    Fix error with gallery introductions containing a % character
  • 0.11.4
    Fix export functionality
  • 0.11.3
    Initial BETA version