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Digital Asset Management

A the heart of PhotoDeck-powered media libraries and websites lives a complete DAM solution for visual and graphic design assets.

These Digital Asset Management features help companies, public organizations and creative agencies organize and distribute their assets - without breaking the bank.

Editing a media file in full-screen view
Easily preview files and edit their all-important metadata

Optimized for images, videos and graphic design assets

Media assets are no ordinary files. PhotoDeck makes it easier and faster for you to work with thousands or millions of images, videos and graphic design files:

  • All major image and video formats supported, including RAW images, as well as common graphic design assets like PSD, AI, PDF and EPS files*
  • Multiple preview sizes for faster loading, optionally watermarked
  • Downloads in different sizes
  • Inline video playing for easier clip selection
  • Efficient interface, including keyboard shortcuts for faster browsing
  • Customizable thumbnail views
  • Both in your DAM space and on your branded portal website
  • * Feature availability might depend on subscribed plan

Powerful metadata management and search

PhotoDeck not only recognizes the IPTC/XMP metadata already embedded in your images, but also provides a powerful interface to edit the most common fields, so you can efficiently find and manage your assets.

  • Easily edit metadata for single files or batches of files
  • See and edit at once what keywords a group of assets have in common
  • Powerful DAM search with filters and boolean operators
  • Save and share frequent or complex searches via Smart Collections
  • Show or hide the metadata of your choice on your portal website
  • Metadata CSV export/import for easy migrations and added flexibility
Search filters in Digital Asset Management backend
Advanced filters in the backend DAM search
AI-generated metadata
AI-generated metadata

AI-generated metadata and automations

  • Metadata are crucial but usually entail painstaking tagging. PhotoDeck allows you to easily automate your assets’ keywording and captionning by seamlessy leveraging well-known AI engines, while letting you control their settings.
  • In addition, automation features help you manage and organize media files based on their metadata.

Guide: organizing digital assets

How to set up a Digital Asset Management system and make sure things stay organized in the long run? This guide presents Digital Asset Management best practices to organize assets, with a simple 7-step method.


Work as a team, securely

PhotoDeck makes it easy not only to make assets available and distribute them, but also to involve others in your team or organization.

There are different ways to structure PhotoDeck’s DAM backend and frontend portal for efficient yet secure teamwork, contact us to discuss what will work best for you!

  • Empower internal or external team members to contribute to your Digital Asset Management efforts while reducing the risk for accidents or mischief
  • Add collaborator accesses to your DAM backend, from a handful to dozens
  • Enjoy granular access rights to allow uploading, managing files or frontend portals
  • Restrict team members access to independent asset silos for increased confidentiality
  • Enable two-factor authentication for best security

Secure cloud storage

Your files will be stored with a leading cloud provider, guaranteeing availability and security.


Easy migration

Transferring a pre-organized asset collections is as easy as selecting an existing folder structure on your computer or network.


Open API

Need to integrate PhotoDeck with your existing tools? Our API is designed just for that.

We use PhotoDeck to share visuals with team members, partners and the media. It saves us a lot of time, and also allows us to quality-control the assets used to communicate on our brand.Caroline V., Rhinov - Read story ›
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