How Rhinov shares its Media Library with its partners

How Rhinov shares its Media Library with its partners

Rhinov is a French company that offers an online 3D modeling and interior design service.

Clients provide photos and a drawing of the space to be redesigned, and the scope of work is then further refined in an online questionnaire. A few days later, they receive virtual renders and a 360-degree view of the space, duly redesigned by Rhinov’s own designers, as well as a “shopping list” listing the items required to implement the proposed changes.

Since the Maison du Monde group acquired a majority stake in Rhinov in 2019, the company has grown significantly in size and has developed an important network of partners, furniture and accessories manufacturers.

This growth is based on a strong communication push, and for Rhinov, the need to share its visual assets with partners has become more and more pressing.

Rhinov portal

It has therefore quickly become essential to create a complete media library that allows for efficient distribution of visual assets:

  • images and videos used by Rhinov for its own communication, both internal and external, and
  • collections for use by each partner, for example images of interiors featuring their respective products.
Before PhotoDeck, we didn’t have anything organized. We used WeTransfer to send files that everybody stored separately, it was unmanageable.Caroline V., UX Designer

The Rhinov team looked at several alternatives to fulfill their needs. Traditional “Digital Asset Management” systems were either too limited in their features, or way above the available budget. When she discovered PhotoDeck’s media library software, Caroline quickly made her choice.

PhotoDeck offers all the essential features we need for our media library, including precise control over the access to the different parts of the media library, while being financially very affordable.

The initial setup was painless. The Rhinov team jointly decided on the media library structure, and today, employees from various departments within Rhinov feed it with new assets directly and easily via their dedicated access accounts.

A decisive factor has been how easy it is to create a completely customized frontpage, perfectly integrated with our online presence and our branding.

Some PhotoDeck features help Caroline work more efficiently.

“I particularly enjoy the capability to create groups of people to manage access rights more easily, as well as the button to invite someone to view a gallery. These are the kind of details that help me save a lot of time.”

Rhinov’s continuous growth keeps reinforcing the visual assets’ importance. With increasing volume, it becomes critical that the different stakeholders can easily find and access the files they need.

For the future, the team is therefore considering making the medias searchable by tags, and even feeding the library directly from their internal specialized computer systems.

At PhotoDeck, with our advanced keyword management, our automation features and our open API, we are looking forward to supporting Rhinov in the next phase of its development!

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