Creating a photo agency on PhotoDeck

PhotoDeck's new features are designed with photo agencies and photographers collectives in mind

It has been a popular request from photographers, and now it's here: host multi-photographer accounts on PhotoDeck, with access rights management.

In practise, this allows giving to contributing photographers limited access to a PhotoDeck account via their own login, so that they can for example upload images but not modify (or even see) the images from others, nor access any administration feature.

Multiple libraries 2 en
A gallery with images from different libraries, identified by color codes

Who is this for?

There are many uses cases where a PhotoDeck account would host images from multiple photographers, here are common examples:

  • Event and sports photo agencies: instead of first collecting images from the photographers, then having the account owner upload them to the PhotoDeck account, you can have contributing photographers directly uploading to PhotoDeck, and if you allow them, directly publishing to the website. This makes for huge time savings, which is especially important on events when customers' willingness to purchase images is emotional and may diminish quickly with time.
  • Stock photo agencies and collectives: these new features allow multiple photographers to create a common stock photography website, where each one can manage his/her own images.

The downloadable sales report includes data to allocate each image sold to a photographer.

This is also useful for busy creative agencies: having different logins and user rights for your team members can help reduce the risk of accidental "messups" and increases overall security ; allowing commissioned photographers to upload directly helps save you time and get the images to the client faster. It also allows adding temporary project-specific talent to the account.

How does it work?

  • The PhotoDeck account owner can add team members to his account, each one getting his/her PhotoDeck login and specific user rights 
  • If there is indeed a need to make sure collaborators can access only specific images (e.g. their own images in the case of collectives), a new media library can be created for each photographer or project, with access rights defined by the account owner.

For more information, here is the guide!

These features are included in the TEAM plan, for up to 5 team members.

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