WhiteWall x PhotoDeck (updated)

WhiteWall x PhotoDeck (updated)

Exciting news for Photographers: PhotoDeck and WhiteWall partner to offer automated sales of high-quality products

Update March 1.: the integration is live and ready, worldwide!

The many members who contacted us about this new partnership will rejoice: our integration with WhiteWall is now complete and is available to all our members.

All major countries are covered, so for example our USA-based members can also benefit from automated fulfillment and drop-ship via a prestigious international lab, already now.

To get started, don’t miss the video tutorial below!

To all photographers who sell or are thinking about selling photo prints from their websites – we have a significant announcement!

We are thrilled to unveil a joint integration with WhiteWall, a prestigious European photo lab, designed to help photographers automate and enhance the process of selling prints on their website.

With this integration, PhotoDeck empowers you to select WhiteWall products, set prices, and receive payments directly into your Stripe or Paypal account – all without any commission on our part. Once an order is placed, WhiteWall will expertly prepare and ship the prints either to you or directly to your customers.

Pricing profiles partner lp1
A wide range of products is available through integration (enlarge)

Why WhiteWall?

WhiteWall stands out for its extensive range of products, offering a wide selection of print supports, backings, and frames. We believe this makes them an ideal choice for our PhotoDeck members.

Aligned with PhotoDeck’s commitment to quality, WhiteWall has received the prestigious TIPA Awards for “Best Photo Lab Worldwide” six times, with the latest recognition in 2023.

Just like PhotoDeck, WhiteWall is an international company headquartered in Europe, catering to photographers not only across the old continent but also in North America and various other parts of the world.

No other platform is integrated with WhiteWall, making this collaboration a unique offering!

Get started: Video Tutorial

Whitewall integration cover

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