Removing automated posting to Facebook

Facebook has made some changes in the way they allow external applications like PhotoDeck to interact with authorized Facebook accounts. This affects PhotoDeck features that allowed to automatically share images from a PhotoDeck site to Facebook timelines and pages, as well as our "quick share" for images and galleries.

  • Facebook has fully disabled the possibility for external apps to post on personal timelines.
  • Facebook still allows publishing on Pages, but this now requires entering into a legal contract. Among other things, this contract would give Facebook the right to fully audit us, including accessing and analysing our member data. Without even considering the legality of such an arrangement under GDPR rules, you rightfully trust us to safeguard your personal data as much as possible, so we won't agree to that contract.

Therefore we will soon remove the integration to Facebook accounts. As a result, it won't be possible anymore to automatically publish new content neither on personal Facebook profiles nor on Facebook pages.

Nonetheless, it will still be possible to share images and galleries both from your website and your admin space, via a redirect to your Facebook account -- as preferred by Facebook.

Let us know if you have any question!

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