Revamped search in private galleries

Revamped search in private galleries

We’ve introduced several major updates this year already, and here is yet another one to make your and your clients’ life easier!

The search feature on PhotoDeck websites has been revamped in depth to bring its full power to private galleries protected by passwords or log-in.

These improvements will be especially valuable for PhotoDeck members that run a private searchable archive (for example protected media libraries for brands, or archives accessible only to authorized clients).

Previously, images from a private gallery were generally only included in searches initiated from that same gallery, and these “private searches” relied on a separate, less sophisticated search engine. For large collections, the results didn’t include the sub-galleries located under that gallery.

Now, searches for files in private galleries can be run from anywhere on the website:

  • When a client logs in, the protected galleries they have access to are included in their searches, including their sub-galleries.
  • Similary, when they access a password-protected gallery, the password-protected gallery and its sub-galleries are included in subsequent search results.

At the risk of making our annoucements sound repetitive, we’ve further improved the speed on PhotoDeck websites as part of this upgrade too: in many cases, searches and browsing through search results will be noticeably faster.

For more details, head over to the documentation on Search!

No action is required to benefit from this upgrade. Note that it can take several hours for the search index and speed-boosting cache to be fully updated when you change settings for a gallery.

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