Advanced gallery pages content and layout customization

Advanced gallery pages content and layout customization

Gallery pages get the same layout customization powers as custom pages

It has been possible for a long time to add rich banners and introduction content to PhotoDeck galleries’ thumbnail pages.

While this allows for example to add simple client instructions and to create impressive front pages, the introduction content was always displayed before the thumbnails, and it was not possible to add content at the end of the page.

Today’s update brings the customization powers of custom pages to the galleries: the gallery instructions have now turned into a full-fledged page editor, where you can not only add all sorts of content and features, but also change the overall page layout.

Gallery page content en
A gallery enhanced with additional content

This gives significantly more flexibility (we love flexibility) to create for example front pages that include a gallery index alongside text and other elements.

So if you want to add a long SEO-friendly text after the thumbnails, a call-to-action button next to the thumbnails in a separate column, or a contact form at the end of the gallery page, that’s now possible!

To benefit from this new feature, please make sure to accept the prompts to update your desktop and mobile websites’ rendering engines.
Adding simple ”introduction text” is still as easy as previously, and of course, previously created introductions will keep working as before.

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