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Customize your emails!

A new opportunity to strengthen your brand with PhotoDeck

Email customization en Using a PhotoDeck website helps you serve clients professionally, under your own brand. Now, you can also customize the automated emails sent by your website to your clients, to further strengthen...

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Improvements for your clients

We've just rolled out the first of many upgrades for 2021, and this one is about making your clients feel even more at home on your website.

Mobile image with buttons Can you spot all the changes?

Lightbox, selection or favorites?

PhotoDeck is not just about making your...

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Integration with the new Google Analytics 4

Google analytics

Google have launched a new version of Google Analytics, called "Google Analytics 4", which over time will replace their current "Universal Analytics" product.

It is a significantly different product, that focuses on tracking people accross devices...

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Subtle animations to spice up pages

This is our third update in less than a month, and today it is about design!

We've built a new feature to add animations to elements in your free content (custom pages, banners, gallery introductions, pricing profile descriptions, etc...)


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UI improvements to the member administration space

We've just rolled out a new version of the section in the member admin space dedicated to the managing and customizing your website (the My website panel).

My website ui en Now, the navigation is organized around the website's menu, making your workflow much more...

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Three brand-new features to open new opportunities

Following our recent design and themes update, we've been hard at work expanding PhotoDeck's capabilities to make our members' life easier, and better support their business.

1- Custom quotations for images and services, easily

Until now, clients...

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Major design update

For yet more harmonious and modern-looking websites

We're very excited to finally launch the design update we've been working on since last summer! It focuses on perfecting the polish and overall clean and modern look of PhotoDeck websites (those...

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Search redesign

Banner with search Example: bib number search on a sport events photography website

Easily add search boxes from the content editor!

We've added a Search element to the new content editor. This allows you to add search boxes on your website everywhere you can enter...

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Your custom pages just got promoted

New editor for free content to provide ultimate flexibility

This is set to be our most significant upgrade this year.

PhotoDeck is optimized for photography and video websites: galleries are central to our designs. That's what allows PhotoDeck sites...

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Custom mobile frontpages!

Up until now, the frontpage on PhotoDeck mobile websites could only be a gallery index. One reason was that very often, members wouldn't take mobile into account when designing their custom frontpage, and it wouldn't look good on small displays. Images...

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Say hello to the new design editor!

We're thrilled to launch today a major update of the design customization tool, which will make it significantly easier for members to customize their website. The themes have also been updated to allow for effortless color palette customization.

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4 MPixel images displayed right on your website

We have added the "WQXGA" size to the sizes available for the display of enlarged images on your website. This is a LARGE size (max 2560 x 1600 pixels), resulting in images of about 4 million pixels displayed directly on your website!

The quality...

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New design options: custom slideshows and page backgrounds

Website slideshows static splash

You probably know that you can display any gallery in slideshow mode, that's what the Portfolio gallery style does by default. A little-less known PhotoDeck feature is the ability to add a custom slideshow to a custom content page or a gallery overview...

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Designs update: thin fonts

A current website design trend is to use thinner-than-normal fonts, and we've now made sure you can do that on PhotoDeck websites.


Matt Leete //

You will see today an invitation to upgrade your designs (desktop and mobile) to take...

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TIP // Gallery Display Style Basics

Gallery display styles are an important and powerful tool to control the way your galleries, thumbnails, and images are displayed to your visitors. It is what allows you to match a gallery's presentation with your own style, but also with the purpose...

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TIP // Setting gallery covers

Gallery cover images are a great opportunity to give your visitors a preview of what to expect before entering a gallery. A great gallery cover can mean the difference between a visitor exploring more of your website or leaving. Your PhotoDeck site...

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New: XL-sized gallery covers and thumbnails

We've introduced new LARGE sizes in our image walls displays, available for both gallery covers and individual image thumbnails.

Xl wall

A perfect use of this is on your frontpage, when you have split your site into 2-3 main galleries. Or more generally...

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Design upgrade!

Today, we're delighted to announce an important (and free) update to PhotoDeck websites!

The enhancements we're bringing you this time are about design. Seemingly small little things that, put together, have a significant impact on how people will...

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Work in progress...

As often, we've been too busy making improvements to PhotoDeck to update our social networks lately...

Currently we're working on design improvements, and doing them right means digging deep and rewriting a lot of code.

Until this makes it to your...

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New feature: advanced EU cookies law compliance

PhotoDeck turned 5 today! What better way to celebrate than introducing a great new feature?

The EU Cookie law requires that websites get consent from their visitors before using cookies. If you're based in the EU and use Google Analytics or embed...

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