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Updated checkout pages design

It's update day again! Today, we're bringing an updated look to the checkout pages on PhotoDeck websites.

Update checkout design en

What has changed?

  • Cleaner and more robust design on pricing pages;
  • Simpler and more modern cart, orders and quotations pages;
  • Uncluttered...
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RAW images support

NEW: Upload, deliver, sell RAW files

Raw images We've now made it possible to upload to your PhotoDeck account image files in the major RAW formats (DNG, CR2, CR3, CRW, NEF, NRW, ARW, ...)!

While this is mostly meant for commercial client proofing and delivery...

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Gettings files to your customers, faster

We've just made it easier for your customers to download files from your website!

In-place download option

When delivering files ordered by a customer, an email is sent as soon as the file(s) is/are packaged. For small orders, it can be very fast...

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Private galleries workflow improvement + lightboxes redesign part 1

Yeah, another free upgrade! And quite a significant one at that...

Sending galleries to customers

We've streamlined the workflow to give access rights to specific clients and send them a private gallery.


  1. Create gallery and upload images

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New size option on low-res "comp" downloads

We've just introduced a new size option to the free low-res "comp" downloads:

Low res comp

This allows you to offer downloads to your clients in sizes larger than 800x600 px. So that the download can be started in a single click, the alternative size is the...

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Workflow improvement for orders and lightboxes

To kick off what promises to be an intense 2017, we've just rolled out an improvement designed to make your life easier: now, orders and lightboxes can be managed directly in the same space as your galleries.


To view an order's images in the image...
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4 MPixel images displayed right on your website

We have added the "WQXGA" size to the sizes available for the display of enlarged images on your website. This is a LARGE size (max 2560 x 1600 pixels), resulting in images of about 4 million pixels displayed directly on your website!

The quality...

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Revamped gallery access control

Today, we've deployed a new update that significantly improves the way access rights to your galleries are managed.

New acls 600x235

Now, the interface is clearer and easier to use. It also brings a significant new improvement: you can give access to a gallery ...

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Simple client batch download

We've received great feedback about the 1-click download facility for client galleries. We certainly think that it looks better than using FTP or other generic file-sharing solutions...

But many also told us that wasn't ideal for larger amounts of...

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Gallery display styles

PhotoDeck excels as an archive and client proofing platform. Over time, we have also introduced styling options that make it possible to use PhotoDeck for highly effective portfolios (Jeremy Goldberg's website is a good example).

Still, many of our...

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NEW: In-gallery search

With PhotoDeck, we strive to improve a photographer's client experience, for the benefit of everybody involved. This new improvement will contribute to that: now, searches on your website can be limited to the current gallery.

Ingallery search

This can be used in...

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TIP: client downloading complete gallery at once

Barry asks: "Hi Guys, is there a way to download a complete gallery or collection in one swift move, some clients ask?"



Remember there are 2 ways to allow clients to download high-res images for free from your galleries (under the galleries...

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Clients rating

This follows-up on yesterday's "Artists Picks" feature - and completes turning PhotoDeck into a killer client proofing platform for commissioned work:

Proofing1 600x275 Gallery view with client rating and 'free image ordering' enabled. Note also the Artist Picks stars...

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Artist's Picks

Today's new feature is the capability for you to rate your own images:

  • for editing and sorting your collection
  • to indicate to your clients what are your own "selects" - that is useful when you upload a shoot for a client to proof, as it makes it easier...
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Ultra-clean image info display (Updated)

Here is a new option that will be valuable to those for who wish to simplify or "coolify" the way the images are displayed:

Metadata overlay without Normal metadata display

Metadata overlay off

With the new option - note the i sign

Metadata overlay on

With the new option, mouse hovering in the top-right corner...
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Account-based access to galleries

Following-up on the new client database, here is another big few feature.

Until now, you could hide galleries, and set a password for them. Now, you can also specify exactly who should have access to the gallery, based on their email addresses.

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Low-res comp download

We go to great lengths to make it harder for people to rip images off your website. For example, right-clicking on images is disabled.

But sometimes, you still want your clients to be able to download comps (low res versions), for example for approvals...

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PhotoDeck for Commissioned Work


Over the past couple of weeks, we have introduced new features for PRO accounts that make PhotoDeck not only a great tool for stock, but also for Editorial and Commercial photographers.

Combining private galleries with e-commerce and/or free downloads...

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