Better control your client workflow with the PROOF/FINAL states

Better control your client workflow with the PROOF/FINAL states

An existing PhotoDeck feature has just been expanded to help especially those PhotoDeck members for which editing/retouching images is part of their workflow with clients - but these new tools can be used in multiple scenarios.

Did you know that you could have a client order (free) downloads of unedited images, in a way that lets you edit/retouch the images before their delivery through PhotoDeck?

The key to this workflow is to use the images/videos' state (PROOF or FINAL) to indicate what is ready for delivery to clients.

What’s new?

The following improvements are now available, as to what can be done with file states:

  • Previously, limiting immediate delivery (download) to files in FINAL states was only available for free custom downloads. Now, the same option is available when selling individual files (via pricing profiles) and when selling full galleries;
  • In addition, a new option allows to offer (on the website) download or purchase only for files in a given state;
  • The file's state can now also be displayed on the images in the gallery (optional).

Some concrete examples

Media lifecycle states client library en
In this example gallery, the client can purchase the retouching of images, and freely download images that are already edited.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Sell images that are not fully ready yet along with others that are ready, and when someone purchases a files that is not ready, you will be able to replace it by a final version before delivery. Images that are ready will still be immediately delivered after purchase;
  • Only offer downloads for files that are ready;
  • Only offer purchase for files that need retouching;
  • Automatically show a different pricing for unedited and edited files;
  • Host a client’s archive, letting them freely download past edited files and purchase new files.

The possible applications are wide, simply ask yourself if some files in your galleries need to be treated differently than others when it comes to the choices offered to your clients, and what happens after ordering!

Learn more about client photo galleries ›

We’ve added a help page on using the PROOF/FINAL states and updated our recommendations regarding proofing galleries for professional clients.

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